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Over the Road is a sister business to the Upper Beaconsfield General Store.  It is literally, over the road!  Guess we weren’t that creative with the name. 🙂

We wanted to create a fun, casual restaurant, bar and takeaway right here in the heart of Upper Beaconsfield.  We’re calling it Main Street, Upper Beac.  

We welcome you to come and visit Upper Beaconsfield.  Try our #chefmade food featuring burgers, salads, ribs, brisket, wings and more.  We’re around 10 minutes up the road from Berwick, Beaconsfield, Officer & Emerald.

Why Choose Us

We’re a little bit different to your run of the mill restaurant or takeaway.  We employ a team of chefs, creating our twist on American and South American foods like burgers, ribs, brisket and tacos.  We have 8 beer taps, rotating regularly, an amazing cocktail menu and a great team of locals working for us who love to show off our great town.


By Gabriella Payne 10/12/21

The picturesque community of Upper Beaconsfield has welcomed a new casual restaurant ’over the road’, and it’s quickly becoming a local favourite.

The new eatery, aptly named ’Over the Road’, is run by the owners of the Upper Beaconsfield General Store, JD and Steph Davey, and was officially opened to the public on Friday 3 December.

The husband and wife duo, who are locals themselves, said that they were thrilled to open the diner’s doors and welcome people in after months of preparation.

“It’s pretty exciting – we’ve never run a restaurant before,“ JD explained.

“We run the cafe and general store and we saw this and thought, there’s an opportunity to learn as we go, so we went for it.“

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By Cameron Rocke 01/12/2021

Just as locals are getting used to the new General Store, now partly a café, JD and Steph are opening a complementary licensed restaurant and beer garden ‘Over the Road’. The artist’s impression shows what customers can expect the new venture to look like upon completion. It will open on 3 December just as the ‘Bell’ goes to print.

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Anyone visiting the village would have seen works starting back in July, and a carpark full of tradies’ utes and vans, who all happen to be local at JD’s insistence. A local theme again surrounds the ethos of running the business. The staff, mostly locals, will alternate work between the General Store/Café and the new restaurant. The head chef, Bonnie, when riding her horse up to the take-away window at the General Store to get a coffee enquired about any vacancies, and upon further discussions has been appointed to the position.

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By Shelby Brooks 28/09/2021

A new TGIF inspired restaurant is set to open in Upper Beaconsfield in the coming months.


‘Over the Road’ will be a wings, ribs and burger casual dining experience offering dine-in and takeaway, run by the owners of the Upper Beaconsfield General Store JD and Steph Davey.

From the success of that, they decided to take the opportunity to acquire what was the ‘Tradies & Ladies Café’ which shut earlier this year.

“Our general store business was going well and then the opportunity came up to acquire the site over the road,” JD said.

“The general store is a big retail business but we can’t do dinners here but there’s a big opportunity because the nearest takeaway is down into Beaconsfield or up into Emerald”.

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